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Bedford Consulting Limited was established by David Sawyer in 1996 with a mission to provide high quality financial consulting services across a wide variety of disciplines and sectors.

Bedford Consulting Limited Director David Sawyer is a UK qualified chartered accountant with over 30 years’ accounting, auditing, consulting and investigation experience. His other key skills include report writing and presentation, project management, staff management and training and coaching. He specialises in the central and local government, regulation, rail and international development sectors. He is also a qualified expert witness, internal auditor and business consultant.

Before establishing Bedford Consulting Limited, David spent 17 years with KPMG in London, starting in conventional fashion in audit and assurance, then as a senior manager in KPMG’s UK Audit Research and Development Unit, where he was responsible for the development and maintenance of procedures for conduct of all audit work in KPMG UK, and finally in the Privatisations Unit, where he was a senior manager in KPMG's team of 20 Government accounting and tax advisers on rail privatisation, collaborating closely with Department of Transport, Office of Passenger Rail Franchising, British Rail and other advisers.

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Financial Services/Regulation

Transport: United Kingdom

Transport: International

Central Government: United Kingdom

Central Government: International


Extractive Industries

Our Services

forensic accounting and investigation

Forensic accounting and investigation work calls for independence of mind, clarity of thought and a tenacious attitude, so that complex situations can be analysed and be presented in clear, accurate and persuasive reports to tight timescales.

Financial consulting

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Difficult financial times call for streamlined organisations and tight financial disciplines and controls, and we have specialised in helping organisations meet these challenges. Project management and problem solving skills are paramount.

Rail Projects

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The rail sector continues to receive substantial investment worldwide in recognition of its essential contribution to successful economic development. Investors require beneficiary organisations to make institutional reforms to ensure that they obtain the full benefits of the investment. We have worked on technical assistance and capacity building projects in the rail sector in the UK and 10 countries across Europe and Asia.

International development projects

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Our financial consulting and rail project experience is well suited to the global market and as proof we have worked in 35 different countries worldwide, covering Western and Eastern Europe, Central and South East Asia and Central and West Africa.