Forensic Accounting and Investigation


Forensic accounting and investigation work calls for independence of mind, clarity of thought and a tenacious attitude, so that complex situations can be analysed and be presented in clear, accurate and persuasive reports to tight timescales.

Projects have encompassed fraud investigations and disciplinary enquiries and deliverables have included expert reports and witness statements and examination in court and before tribunals.

Financial Consulting


Difficult financial times call for streamlined organisations and tight financial disciplines and controls, and we have specialised in helping organisations meet these challenges. Project management and problem solving skills are paramount.

Projects have included development and implementation of accounting systems, conversion of accounts from local standards to IFRS, training accountants and auditors, improvements in financial controls and governance, risk reviews and working with internal audit, and advice on procurement processes.

Rail Projects


In the UK, the privatised passenger railway has been increasingly subsidised by government to provide more services as passenger numbers have continued to grow. Reducing investment and ongoing competition with other modes of transport and external uncertainties will expose franchises to increasing risks.

Projects have covered improvements in financial and management accounting and reporting and related training, and advice on restructuring and organisational development, both in the UK and overseas.

International Development Projects

African Mother and Child

Our financial consulting and rail project experience is well suited to the global market and as proof we have worked in 35 different countries worldwide, covering Western and Eastern Europe, Central and South East Asia and Central and West Africa.

Projects have included capacity building projects for ministries and government departments, and corporate and organisational restructuring programmes.
Bedford Consulting Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm working worldwide and primarily specialising in providing forensic accounting, fraud and financial investigation and financial accounting and auditing related services in the government, railways, international development, financial regulation and not-for-profit sectors.

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